The #betterliberia Thunderclap campaign has been a phenomenal success for #SESEZLiberia. We’d like to thank all of our supporters, like-ers, tweet-ers, and share-ers. You’ve all helped to increase awareness around social impact in Liberia; achieving a social reach of more than 500,000 people! We would especially like to thank our partners at Spark and BSC Monrovia, and we would also like to extend a special thanks to Virgin; their campaign support was critical in achieving such high social reach.

We encourage all of you to sign our petition and take our University of Cambridge sponsored survey.

Working with a research group at The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership, we are collecting data collected to better understand how to generate social impact from foreign direct investment..  By better understanding these concepts we can ensure that we design the SESEZ to maximize its social and economic impact in Liberia.

The signatures gathered through our petition will aid in our efforts to get the new SEZ law passed, as we present it to the Liberian Government and Legislature in the coming weeks.. With your support we hope they will reach consensus and open up Liberia to a wealth of opportunities to generate more social impact; transforming the economy and building a #betterliberia.

Thanks again to all of our supporters…we couldn’t have done it without you.